New track in the NG Audio Portal! =)

2008-06-09 15:13:14 by RAVEN

I released a brand new trance tune called "Thinking of You." Check it out and see what you think. =)


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2008-06-09 15:43:24

This song just made me gay. Just kidding. It was good, I gave it a five. What program did you use anyways?

(Updated ) RAVEN responds:

Hahaha, thanks for the comment Yinyangpenguin. I used to use FL Studio 6, commonly known as just "Fruity Loops," but I've been using the software Reason 3.0 for awhile now, which is what I used to create the track "Thinking of You." There's a newer version of Reason out (Reason 4.0) so I recommend grabbing a copy of that instead. I've been planning to get it but I've been holding off on it for awhile now, mainly because the music production lab at my school only has Reason 3.0 and any files made using version 4.0 would be incompatible with 3.0. Anyway, grab a copy of Reason, but if you're a user of either Fruity Loops or Garageband, you'll notice that Reason is much more complicated and detailed than FL or GB, but the quality you can achieve is much greater.

Anyway, hope that helps. Take it easy man =)