New track, Radiance, sampled in the Audio Portal!

2007-10-12 00:47:37 by RAVEN

Hey how's everyone doing? I've got some great news headed your way...

I recently began working on a new track titled Radiance, and I've released a teaser for it in the Audio Portal several days ago.

If you would like to here a slightly updated version of the teaser with a much more professional sound to it, check out my artist myspace @
I highly recommend it! =)

I hope to release the full version of this track on the Audio Portal by either the end of the year or sometime in January of next year.

Thanks for tuning in! Keep your eyes peeled for more news regarding Radiance.


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2007-10-12 02:28:23

Man, I must say - after checking out your myspace, I am truly impressed. I've listened to a lot of electronic music, but I have no idea wha t I'd compare it to. That's a good thing, it's very original and very well done!

(Updated ) RAVEN responds:

Thanks dude, and sorry for the extra late response, I haven't been using Newgrounds too much lately. I cancelled 'Radiance' since it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. Check out the "Moments of Tranquility" teaser I have uploaded to the Audio Portal and let me know if you like it better than Radiance. Peace! =)