Moments of Tranquility teaser now in the AP! =)

2007-12-05 04:02:18 by RAVEN

Hey how's everyone doin'?

I'd just like to let everyone know that I've begun working on what will most likely be my best track yet.
It's titled 'Moments of Tranquility', and a brand new teaser for this track has JUST been uploaded to the Audio Portal. I hope everyone enjoys this nearly as much as I did making it. Please let me know your overall opinion regarding this track. Anyone with ideas, suggestions, feedback, comments or criticism is more than welcome to share their thoughts with me so long as the reviews are constructive -example:
constructive: "i suggest re-adjusting the volume of your bassline"
not constructive: "you suck and so does your bassline" (lol I hope I don't get a comment like that =P)

Thanks for checkin' out my latest Audio Portal news and thanks even more for listening!


-Alexi Windler


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