News regarding Moments of Tranquility...

2008-01-10 21:46:27 by RAVEN

Hey guys, I got some news...

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I am not certain at this point when Moments of Tranquility will be released. My goal is to work on it after I begin my Digital Music Tech course (which starts Jan. 23rd), in hopes that the final product will surpass anything I've done before. I am still getting the hang of my music software, so please bear with me . I am not one to rush perfection, so I will make sure Moments of Tranquility will be well worth the wait.

So I suppose what I had to say was both good news and bad news. It'll take awhile, but it'll sound amazing when it's done. I also would like to mention that the sound quality from the teaser I uploaded to the Audio Portal can't even compare to how great it sounds so far.
Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the long delay.


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