My latest track "-Submerged-" now in the AP!

2008-01-25 00:20:37 by RAVEN

Hey what's up guys. Good news and even more good news.

I just released my latest track, "Submerged" into the Audio Portal. I highly recommend listening to it. It's a blend between trance/break/hip-hop/drumnbass, so hopefully a variety of people with different tastes in electronic dance music will enjoy. I created it in one night with FL Studio 7. I'm really beginning to consider extending it sometime in the future.

In other news, I am currently enrolled in a Digital Music Tech course with some of the best and brand new professional equipment/hardware/resources you can come across in a community college. It'sin a Digital Music Production Lab, where there are 20 seperate music workstations with Macs faster than G5's, Dual Wide Flatscreen Monitors, an M-Audio Oxygen USB Midi Controller, a super high-tech lookin' 8-Channel USB Digital Mixer (not sure what kind, only had one class so far), with 7 or 8 different types of digital music production software including Reason 3.0, Developer Pro (i think), Finale, and Pro Tools (oh, and we each have an M-Box attached underneath the desks.) Each workstation probably cost about $10000. Thought that would be some cool news to share. Stick around and keep your eyes peeled for more music to come this year, and I hope you guys all enjoy "Submerged."




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2008-05-22 16:35:31

Holy shit your account is old D: