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Sorry for not updating my news posts in forever, but I've been musically inactive for a long, long time. Well, I'm back, and re-inspired and reinvigorated to work harder than ever!!!

Check out my new collaborative drum n bass track:

Swegcræft - Ampersand

Lextronic & Reducer Ray pres Swegcræft - Ampersand

I havent made any news posts or announcements regarding any of my tracks since Take My Hand, so I'll be doing that for now on. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Peace! =)

New electro house track: Kaleidoscope

"Take My Hand," now in Audio Portal! =)

2008-09-21 02:32:48 by RAVEN

Finally, my latest production is completed and can be listened to in the NG Audio Portal. Those of you who like trance will probably like this one. I did my best to make sure that this track takes you on a melodic journey pumped full of peaceful melodies with a side of vocals. With that said, I hope you all enjoy "Take My Hand" as much as I enjoyed creating it! Take care! =)

"Take My Hand," now in Audio Portal! =)

I released a brand new trance tune called "Thinking of You." Check it out and see what you think. =)

The wait is finally over...

My latest production "Inside (Let's Go) is now in the Audio Portal. It's more down-tempo than my usual stuff. It's house music to be exact, so if you are looking for something really upbeat you won't find it in this track. With that said, lemme know what you guys think. Check it out!

Peace! =)

"Inside (Let's Go)" released in Audio Portal!

Hey what's up guys. Good news and even more good news.

I just released my latest track, "Submerged" into the Audio Portal. I highly recommend listening to it. It's a blend between trance/break/hip-hop/drumnbass, so hopefully a variety of people with different tastes in electronic dance music will enjoy. I created it in one night with FL Studio 7. I'm really beginning to consider extending it sometime in the future.

In other news, I am currently enrolled in a Digital Music Tech course with some of the best and brand new professional equipment/hardware/resources you can come across in a community college. It'sin a Digital Music Production Lab, where there are 20 seperate music workstations with Macs faster than G5's, Dual Wide Flatscreen Monitors, an M-Audio Oxygen USB Midi Controller, a super high-tech lookin' 8-Channel USB Digital Mixer (not sure what kind, only had one class so far), with 7 or 8 different types of digital music production software including Reason 3.0, Developer Pro (i think), Finale, and Pro Tools (oh, and we each have an M-Box attached underneath the desks.) Each workstation probably cost about $10000. Thought that would be some cool news to share. Stick around and keep your eyes peeled for more music to come this year, and I hope you guys all enjoy "Submerged."



Hey guys, I got some news...

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I am not certain at this point when Moments of Tranquility will be released. My goal is to work on it after I begin my Digital Music Tech course (which starts Jan. 23rd), in hopes that the final product will surpass anything I've done before. I am still getting the hang of my music software, so please bear with me . I am not one to rush perfection, so I will make sure Moments of Tranquility will be well worth the wait.

So I suppose what I had to say was both good news and bad news. It'll take awhile, but it'll sound amazing when it's done. I also would like to mention that the sound quality from the teaser I uploaded to the Audio Portal can't even compare to how great it sounds so far.
Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the long delay.

Hey how's everyone doing?

I figured I'd let everyone know that Moments of Tranquility is sounding as beautiful as it could possibly get. Now I have to edit everything together with ACID, so this is where the tedious part begins. I have been one hell of a perfectionist with this track so far, so I cannot say as of yet when this track will be released. I will most more news later. For now, I'm sick so I'm going to bed. Later guys!

Hey how's everyone doin'?

I'd just like to let everyone know that I've begun working on what will most likely be my best track yet.
It's titled 'Moments of Tranquility', and a brand new teaser for this track has JUST been uploaded to the Audio Portal. I hope everyone enjoys this nearly as much as I did making it. Please let me know your overall opinion regarding this track. Anyone with ideas, suggestions, feedback, comments or criticism is more than welcome to share their thoughts with me so long as the reviews are constructive -example:
constructive: "i suggest re-adjusting the volume of your bassline"
not constructive: "you suck and so does your bassline" (lol I hope I don't get a comment like that =P)

Thanks for checkin' out my latest Audio Portal news and thanks even more for listening!


-Alexi Windler

Hey how's everyone doing? I've got some great news headed your way...

I recently began working on a new track titled Radiance, and I've released a teaser for it in the Audio Portal several days ago.

If you would like to here a slightly updated version of the teaser with a much more professional sound to it, check out my artist myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/alexiwindler
I highly recommend it! =)

I hope to release the full version of this track on the Audio Portal by either the end of the year or sometime in January of next year.

Thanks for tuning in! Keep your eyes peeled for more news regarding Radiance.